California is absolutely beautiful.  We have beaches, mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, and streams- all home to amazing flora and fauna that give birth to inspiration.  I take every chance I can get to get out and immerse myself in nature.  This scene was inspired by camping in the canyons of the incredible Mojave Desert where we had the pleasure of hearing the coyotes howl under the full moon each night.


I accented this scene with a beautiful agate that I found while hiking thru those Mojave Desert Canyons.  I cut it, hand polished it, and found its individuality perfect for this piece. 

Pendant measures 24mm wide and 34mm high

Sterling silver rolo chain is included




...Know where your jewelry comes from

and what the inspiration behind its creation was...

| Silver & Slag |

Coyote Sitting Focused with Mojave Desert Agate Sterling Silver Necklace