I started to spend time on Kern River, in beautiful California, before I was even out of the womb.  It was my family's favorite getaway- we went to the river many times per year and it molded me into the person I've become.  As an adult, I've introduced my husband and my friends to this very special place.  It isn't quite the same as it was 35 years ago, but that's ok, it still has my heart.

The river is mighty and demands respect.  The sound, alone, generated by the rushing river over the massive boulders, is simply incredible.  

I created this cuff bracelet as part of a collection to reflect my love of Kern River.  This bracelet represents the way the water flows around and crashes over the huge boulders within it.

This completely adjustable cuff bracelet is 9mm wide and is completely handmade by myself out of .925 sterling silver





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Kern River Inspired Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet