I found this gorgeous and unique piece of very rare chapenite jasper in Malibu, Caifornia, cut it, hand polished it, and took inspiration from the Pacific Ocean to hand silver smith it into this gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, sterling silver ring.


Chapenite is very rare and has a really cool story- "Chapenite is a jasper/agate (prehistoric sea, ocean, or lakebed) that was formed and then millions of years later found itself in an earthquake fault and was crushed by quake activity. Eons pass and our jaspagate finds itself in an area rich with hot silica laden waters which infiltrated the cracks and turn to agate; healing the cracks and making it whole again. Fine specimins are on display in the museum in San Bernadino, CA." -yourgems.com


This specimin is comparable to those seen in the museum.

This statement ring is a size 6 and measures 27mm long x 15mm wide and comes out 4mm from your finger.  Band is 12mm wide.


Wide ring bands fit differently.  Increase your normal ring size by a 1/2 size. (ex- normally a size 6?  6.5 will fit in a wide band)




| Silver & Slag |

Malibu Chapenite Jasper set in Sterling Silver Ring - Size 6 | Silver & Slag |