The California Humpback whales migrate from Mexico to the central coast of California in late April and stick around California until December.   One of my favorite things to do when you see one breach in the distance is to put your head underwater and listen - you can hear the incredible songs of the humpback all the way near shore!  Their individyual songs can last as long as 30 minutes and are so beautiful.  Humpback whales are a magnificent species that deserves to be saved for future generations.  


I accented this scene with 3 very special pieces that I have found along the California coast.  The stone all the way to the right is a beautiful agate that I found on the shores of Malibu, CA that has an absolutely incredible parallax effect!  Next to it, the center stone of this piece, is a piece of necphrite blue jade that I found on California's central coast.  The stone all the way to the left may be the coolest of all - A small piece of agatized whalebone fossil that I found on the beach in Malbu, CA.  All 3 of these stones together are a perfect accent to the magnificent Humpback Whale.

Pendant measures 49mm wide and 25mm high

Sterling silver rolo chain is included



| Silver & Slag |

Migrating Humpback with Assorted Coastal Gems set in Sterling Silver Necklace