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I found this gorgeous agate while camping way out in the middle of Mojave Desert, CA.  The only sounds we heard for the entire 5 days that we were out in this spot were the sounds of nature; coyotes in the evening and early morning and birds throughout the daytime.  We didn't hear another human the whole time; not even a car.  It was amazing.


I created this prong set necklace as a statement piece to show off this agate's beauty and uniqueness.  Half of the agate has incredible pink moss and the other half has a beautiful fortification.

This handmade sterling silver statement necklace measures 31mm long (from top of bail) x 21mm wide






...Know where your jewelry comes from

and the inspiration behind it...

| Silver & Slag |

Mojave Desert Pink Moss Agate set in Sterling Silver Statement Necklace

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