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The Unforgiving Desert: Rugged & Beautiful


The California deserts are an absolutely incredible natural feature of this beautiful state. Within its inspiring beauty lies gorgeous stones waiting to be set free under a harsh landscape.  Temperatures range from unbearably hot to freezing cold with little water to be found, brutal winds, and little to no shade to find cover.  These rugged conditions alongside its natural beauty inspired me to create this collection; The Unforgiving Desert: Rugged & Beautiful. Each piece features a unique and amazing agate I found in Mojave Desert, CA accented by rough hand textured sterling silver.


I found this absolutely incredible agate that contains a light amethyst druzy center  while hiking thru the landscapes of the Mojave Desert in California, cut it, hand polished it, and took inspiration from the beauty of California to hand silversmith it into this one-of-a-kind sterling silver statement cuff bracelet. The bands on this cuff bracelet are completely hand forged, not cast, rough textured sterling silver.

This cuff bracalet is completely adjustable and is one size fits all.


The gorgeous agate in its setting in this piece measures 37mm x 24mm








...Know where your jewelry comes from

and the inspiration behind it...


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Mojave Desert Light Amethyst Druzy Agate Sterling Silver Statement Cuff Bracelet

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