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One afternoon I was walking down my driveway to get the mail when I noticed an absolutely beautiful, vibrantly colored monarch butterfly that had just landed on one of my plants.  I ran back up to my house, grabbed my camera as fast as I could and made it back to take photos of him before he flew away.  I had the opportunity to not only capture perfect photos (last photo here) but he also let me hold him for a minute before he flew off into the neighbor's yard.


Special moments with nature are what make life incredible.


I found this gorgeous pink agate while hiking thru the landscapes of Mojave Desert, Caifornia, cut it, hand polished each piece, and found them perfect for this pair of monarch butterfly earrings.

These earrings measure 42mm long (38mm fro earring post) x 14mm wide.

I hand sawed out each of the butterfly wings from the photo I took of this butterfly.  I fixed the wings to the earrings with a balled rivet so the wing can swing freely as they're worn (see video).




| Silver & Slag |

Pink Mojave Desert Agates set in Sterling Silver Monarch Butterfly Wing Earrings

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