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I love to bring my camera with me wherever I go to give me a chance to really admire the beauty around me.  Watching the hummingbirds dive around, claiming their areas of flowering plants is fascinating to watch and inspired me to make this statement cuff bracelet.


I found this gorgeous purple, pink, and white banded agate while hiking through the landscapes of Mojave Desert, Caifornia, cut it, hand polished it, and found it perfect for this hummingbird cuff bracelet.

I hand sawed the flowers and hummingbird out of sterling silver and hand engraved them to add detail to this beautiful scene.

The agate and scene in this statement cuff measure 45mm x 34mm

This cuff bracelet is completely adjustable and is one-size-fits-all




| Silver & Slag |

Purple Mojave Desert Agate Sterling Silver Hummingbird Statement Cuff Bracelet

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